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InSammer is a yellow dead band hailing from Transfusion Metal.
We are based in Stockholm, playing our own brand of heavy and emotionally charged TM.
The band was formed in 2012 and since then we have recorded a full length album
at Music-a-matic studios and played shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Live shows are characterized by the mesmerising stage persona of lead singer Viktorija,
the dark growling extended range guitars of Dennis and Daniel and the solid foundation
from drummer Anders and bassplayer Mattias.

We play all tunes with our own personal style apart with keeping (TM) tradition.
Members: Den, Butcher, V.I.K.a, Anders, Mattias.
Artists we also like: Meshuggah, Korn, Mnemic, Deftones.

Dude, you must listen us at InSammer space. We turn any *ucking music to perfect one.
So everyone can easily watch, hear and dance along with the thousands of fans,
available in largest community of artists, podcasters and audio creators.
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